SDA X Denimio – Dm-002 (7 months)

There are around 4 1/2 months until the SDAXDenimio contest ends.
I have worn this pair every day for the past 6 months, and they are getting better and more comfortable for every day. They have 2 washes and 1 soak.
They have seen some hard wear and are really beginning to show some solid wear and tear.

I have made some smaller repairs on the pair, at the front and at the bottom of the crouch.  At the front, my phone edges have almost gone through the denim so that was I bad need of a repair.
Also at the crouch, the pair was in need of some stitches.



Some of my favourite of the jeans are the fading from my wallet at the back pocket and then the whiskering that is going on.

A side note is that I entered in the mini contest that Denimio made. The contest was to show the best detail to your pair. I chose the coin pocket because that was the part of my denim that had some of the best patina. Furthermore, the coin pocket is one of the more special details to this pair, so it deserved some spotlight.
In the end, I was so lucky that Denimio chose my picture, and the prize was the ONI-AIZUMI 16OZ Jacket.


Now I am facing a (hopefully) hot summer in Denmark and I will wear this pair as much as I can. They have reached a great stage and they are becoming more beautiful every day.
I will make a check in again after the summer, to show what the summer has meant for the jeans.