SDA X Denimio – Dm-002 (9 monts)

The Summer is sizzling in Denmark. The weather is for the most part hot, that means wearing raws is a bit of a challenge. I will get through tho. But my SDA X Denimio raws are having a bad time, they are in a need of a repair.

The pair began to show some tearing at the crouch, I tried to prevent a blow out by giving it some stitching. But it didn’t hold, so now there are two rather large holes. Therefore they have to go to a repair, but I don’t want to waste many days where I cant wear them. So I have to find a place nearby that makes a solid job.

Some decent honeycombs are showing.

The fabric has come a long way since the start. They have gotten some decent fades all over. Some of the highlights are

Right Knee:

The side of the knees:

Left front pocket:

and the right back pocket:

Now there are around 3 months to go before the contest ends and hopefully, these will be among the best-faded pairs. But only time will show.

The pair will get as much wear as possible, only broken up by a trip to the doctor. So its time for another pair of mine to get some wear time. But what pair will it be?


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