1 month to go!

Now the end of the Denimio OniXSamurai contest is really getting close.! Therefore I have a little update on my pair. They have been washed again so now they have 2 washes. And the fabric is really getting more and more beautiful. The slubbynes is really showing now that the white core of the fabric … More 1 month to go!

The end is near

For each day, the end of the Denimio contest is getting closer and closer. So every day is ONI day for me right now. I wear the jeans from dusk till dawn. 3 and a half month are what is left of the competition, so now its the final sprint to the finish line. I’m looking forward to … More The end is near

Update on my Oni 517xx.

Its been almost 2 months of wear for my Oni Jeans. Because of a hot September in Denmark, I haven’t been wearing them so much. Taking it back to when I received them, I was surprised of how these jeans are constructed. They are really uneven woven and feel a little like sandpaper. They are … More Update on my Oni 517xx.