Edwin Jeans – ED-55 (Nihon Menpu)

For a long time, I have had my eyes on a pair of Edwin Europe X Edwin Japan, Ed-55 Nihon Menpu. So to celebrate the new year and my newly acquired bachelor degree I went to the local denim pusher in Copenhagen and bought a pair.
When you have a lot of denim, you begin to search for the more special ones, and this pair is in that category. The denim used for this pair is from a mill in Japan named Nihon Menpu. The info on this mill is limited but what we do know is that they began to make denim in 1960 and are making fabric for brands like Studio D’Artisian and Sugar Cane.
One thing that caught my mind and eyes regarding these jeans was some pictures of the potential that come with them. The store I bought them at, are Brund that are located in Copenhagen. The owner of the store has a pair that is displayed at the store (See them at Brundcph’s Instagram.) And it was both because of his results with them that I fell in love with them. But also because that is is a collaboration between Edwin Europe and Japan, that they are unsanforized and that the denim is from Nihon Menpu.
The fabric is really comfortable and soft, and relatively hairy. The fabric is 14Oz unsanforized selvedge denim. They will likely shrink 1,5 seize and it will take a bunch of washes before all the shrinkage is out of the jeans. I have chosen to go with a smaller size, and I will likely not was them. The denim is very plain and there are no really slubbyness in the jeans. So compared to my Oni’s they are quite different fabric wise.
Details of the jeans:
Collaboration between Edwin Europe X Edwin Japan
ED-55 fit
14Oz Vintage unsanforized selvedge denim
Denim produced by Nihon Menpu
Shrinkage of 1,5 sizing
Because of my Oni517xx contest jeans, these will not be worn before that contest ends later this year. I’m looking forward to beginning the journey in these jeans.
I bought a size 30 (normally I wear 31-32) They recommend to seize up 1-2 size if you plan to was them. But at Brund they also said that they were a little bit bigger in seizing. But I don’t plan on washing them so, therefore, I chose the size 30.
Seize chart: in CM
Size: 30 Waist: 42,5 Rise: 27 Thigh: 30,5 Knee: 22 Inseam: 87 Leg Opening: 19
Her are some fit pictures of the jeans.
The Fit
is a little bit different from what I prefer. I like the fit from the front and from the side, but the back isn’t the best. I think it is because the pockets are a little far from each other.
When the denim begins to loosen up I think it will help, then they will settle more to the legs.
I hope you’ve liked the article and thanks for reading.
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