Naked famous – Elephant 4 (WG)

Here are some progress pictures on my WDC N&F – Elephant 4 jeans.

They truly feel like elephant skin, never touched an elephant. But what I think it feels like is comparable with these jeans.

Wear period must be approx 6-7 months. Every time I begin wearing a new pair of jeans, I want to mark inside the jeans for every time I wear them. But I always forget, and when I remember I have already been wearing them for a longer period.

The jeans aren’t getting that much beating as they should. I’m wearing my Oni 517xx for the Denimio contest mostly this time and will continue with this until that competition ends. but afterwards, i will begin to wear these more and will also begin to mark my fear count in them.

Details on the jeans:

  • Name: Naked & Famous Elephant 4
  • Fabric: Deep indigo warp, black weft, sanforized selvedge denim
  • Weight: 22 oz.
  • Fit: Weird guy
  • Unique Features:
    • 1/4″ thick leather patch
    • Tonal stitching
    • Made in Canada
    • Selvedge coin pocket

Fade – her are some pictures of the jeans.







Detail fade pictures




There is some color difference between the two set of pictures. Maybe because of the lighting or just because it’s with two different cameras.






Recent update 7/11-2017

Unknown wear count. 2 X wash




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