ONI-602 – 22OZ Natural Indigo Kabuki Vedge.


My first entry into the world of ONI was back in 2016 when I saw that Denimio Shop was advertising about a competition. The competition was ONI Vs. Samurai and I chose a pair of Oni 517xx, this pair I wore almost for the entire year. The outcome was beautiful and had a solid contrast and a slub that gave the denim a special character. Ever since I had to retire that pair, I have wanted a new pair of ONI.

Fast forward to around November 2017, I first ordered this 602-22oz pair and a pair of the ONI-622ZE-BKBK. (See Denimhound’s review of the Black/Black ONI pair.) I first saw this pair was on an Instagram story, from Denimio Shop. And I knew from that moment, that it was a must-have for my collection. Heavyweight, limited production, slubby weave and perfect fit! Nothing really talked against this pair.


Info about the jeans:

This pair has a lot of character, when you get to hold the pair it is different and like nothing else, I have handled yet. Like I mentioned in my last post regarding my SDA Jeans, at the moment I really like heavy, and slubby denim. So the fact that these ONI’s are slubby and heavy, they are very likely to get a deep contrast with uneven fades.

Denim Information:
Weight: 22 OZ
Type of Fabric: Unsanforized denim.
Type of Cotton: American cotton.
Methods of Dyeing: Rope dyed with natural indigo




  • Limited to 100 pairs.
  • Green button in the fly
  • Different thread burned orange and army green, besides base thread colour
  • Hidden selvedge coin pocket

One detail that really shows that ONI wants to make a denim that is different and appealing, for the denim connoisseur. The selvedge has a burned orange/army green thread and black, this thread goes again in different parts of the denim. The burned orange is used on the fly and on the side of the jeans and the green is also used on the fly and on the top of the back pocket and then on the second button in the fly. A more clear view of what I mean can be seen in the pictures of the jeans.




Famous Kabuki denim from ONI, one of the most time-consuming types of denim from this manufacturer. In addition to a very high density, this denim is also stained with natural dyes based on the leaves of the indigo plant. The name of Kabuki is also not accidental. Woven in the selvedge threads of black, orange and green colours mirror the colour of the curtain in the classical Japanese theatre Kabuki, making it a very special tribute indeed.
(Acquired from DENIMIO blog)


The fit is relaxed tapered, it has good space on the thighs and narrows down to the leg opening. A fit just to my liking.


Before this pair of ONI I have only had the 517XX fit (Also the ONI X Naked & Famous) and that was a solid fit except the leg opening that was a little too wide for my liking. But this pair that is relaxed tapered is spot on for me. With a good amount of room in the thigh, and a solid taper down to the leg opening. The only little minus is that the rise could have been a little higher.

Size: 30 (non-wash)



F. Rise

B. Rise




















I use following method for the measuring.



Like all other ONI denim, these are special and like no other pair I have seen. The fabric has a very rough feel and uneven weave and just has a very special look. But the thing is when you get them on, they are not as unpleasant as you should think. The fabric also has a bit of a hairy feel to them
I think that this fabric will age like other ONI fabrics, very different and will end up very beautiful. I think they will give some uniform fades, and many irregularities.

Overall score:

I’m a sucker for limited jeans and when it comes in this very unique form it is hard to pass. I have only had them on to take pictures but in that short time, they have proven to be a solid pair of jeans. Thye are very comfortable, they have a lot of character and they have a solid fit. All in all, it is a pair of jeans that I’m sure I will be wearing at some point in the near future.

Now my only problem is that I want MORE ONI, I have looked into the 622ZR 20oz. That’s because the 622 fit, is very much to my liking and the fabrics of the 622 just look so unique. But for now I’m good, I also have the PBJ X BWO in the mail and I’m committed to my SDA jeans.

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Unfortunately, they are sold out Denimio.
But I hope you have enjoyed the review anyway.