SOSO Clothing – 27 OZ, Indigo X Indigo.

I have looked into SOSO a couple of times but never ordered anything from them. I have had my concerns towards their quality and finish of the jeans.

Around a 1 1/2 year ago I ordered a pair for my better half, and I wasn’t impressed with the jeans. I have handled many jeans of mixed quality, these felt like a pair from H&M. This is in one way not a bad thing, but when you get to custom your jeans then you expect a pair that is well crafted, but they wasn’t.
Fast forward to the present I saw that SOSO was doing a 50% sale, and I wanted to give them a second chance. I chose the heaviest on the jeans side and that was a 27oz Indigo/indigo fabric. I have a pair of Naked & Famous 32 oz and wanted a pair up around that weight, therefore this indigo/indigo was a no-brainer.

Fast forward around a month after ordering I received the jeans.

Info about the jeans:

Weight: 27 OZ Japanese Chikara redline Indigo X Indigo.
Type of Fabric: Sanforized denim.
Fit: Straight tapered Jeremy

Details to the pair:

SOSO has many choices towards details for your pair. You can among other chose to get, a hidden coin pocket, heavyweight patch, and embroidery. This is just a few of all the details SOSO offer to your jeans.
I chose to only go on the basis which is, Fit, model, size, length, thread color, buttons, zip/buttons fly and standard patch.

Pictures of the jeans, out of the box:


The jeans have a very rough feel to them, they are very lose in the way that they can’t stand on their own as much heavyweight denim can.
Towards the fabrics it has a feel to it that it is not 100% cotton, its like there is something different in the weave, but what it is, is hard to say.


At this point SOSO killed it, I chose the straight tapered Jeremy, and they fit spot on.
When you come around a pair of jeans that just feel like a second skin from the start, the manufacturer has come along way. Also, the sizing on SOSO’s page was also spot on. All in all the fit is to a grade A+!.
I use following method for the measuring.


“Straight Tapered Jeremy is our mid rise, normal hips model. Jeremy is slightly tapered from the knee down to the leg opening. The easiest way to find your perfect size would be to check an old pair of jeans, lay them flat, and follow our measuring instructions.”
(Fit description from the SOSO Clothing site)

Size: 30.



F. Rise

B. Rise




















The Following pictures are after around 20 wears.


I wore them to a wedding, and let’s just say I got a little too much to drink so there are little stains here and there from food & drinks…


Overall score:

Soso Clothing has come a long way since my first interaction with their denim. This time around, I a feeling that SoSo has upped their game.
Sewing is good, fit is spot on, time to produce is reasonable and the fabric is heavy and of a good quality.
As stated on their website they work closely with their production factory, both to keep standards high towards jeans but also to secure the workers so they have the right working conditions and get a fair pay. All in all, something that for me counts as a big part of whether or not to buy their jeans.

All in all, SOSO produce quality denim with good fits and interesting fabrics. I will definitely order pairs from them in the future if they have something that I find exciting.

Be sure to visit SOSO Clothing page.

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